Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Seed Questions

有机种子将在有机花园/农场中生长更好,不允许有任何遗传污染,并以对人和环境更安全的方式生产。Click hereif you’d like to read more about this important issue.
None of our seeds are genetically modified. At this point, genetically modified seeds are only sold and used in the commercial agricultural sector, not the home gardening sector. Even if they were available to gardeners, GrowJourney would only offer certified organic, open-pollinated, heirloom garden seeds. Sustainably feeding everyone on earth with real, healthy food isentirely possible, but it’s going to require a new, more thoughtful paradigm than we’ve ever used before. If you’re interested, we’ve outlined our stance on genetic engineering a bit more over on我们的Seedspage.
Yes! Nothing makes us happier than people saving seeds from the plants they grow themselves. Well one thing makes us happier: you sharing the seeds you saved yourself. That’s why we teach you how to save your seeds in our members-only GrowGuides.

Seed saving is SO incredibly important to a healthy, biodiverse food supply. Plus, the next generation of seeds will be even better adapted to your specific growing environment via natural epigenetic processes. Yes, your seeds will quite literally “customize” themselves to your garden/growing environment. You can read more about that process over on我们的Seedspage.

Simple: just let us know, and we’ll replace it free of charge. TheGrowjourney保证is that: 1) you’ll love the seeds our team selects for you, and 2) they’ll grow where you live (see more about that in the next question and answer).
Yes, but it’s important to understand what that means:

  1. 我们保证他们在年内的某些时候会在您的气候区增长。我们确实尝试季节性地发送你的种子,这意味着你会在你想要种植它们之前或在时间窗口之前到达。例如,我们在冬天和春天送夏季;我们在(夏天和秋天)发送凉爽/寒冷的天气籽;等等。
  2. 我们保证在您收到时,他们可以获得最高的发芽率。More about that below…

It’s impossible to guarantee that 100% of the seeds in each seed packet will germinate and grow into mature plants. That’s not how nature works, and there is germination rate variability between different seed varieties. However, all GrowJourney seeds have been independently tested to have the highest possible germination rates for the variety offered (you can find the germination rates on the front of each GrowJourney seed packet).

We can’t guarantee that each seed in each packet will germinate, but we can guarantee that your seeds will germinate at the rate shown on their respective packet if you:

c) store your seeds indoors (moisture and drastic temperature fluctuations can damage seeds).

同样重要的是要注意种子会随着时间的推移失去活力,这就是为什么我们的种子包和生长指南告诉你你的种子会保持有多少年(通常在3 - 5年之间)。

GrowJourney seeds will last for years. Inside each paper packet, you’ll notice that we’ve packaged your seeds in an extra plastic seed baggie–this ensures they’ll last even longer by reducing moisture exposure.

How long will GrowJourney seeds last?每个品种都有点不同,这就是为什么我们在所有种子数据包的前面放入到期日。如果您愿意,这使您可以轻松挽救未来几年的种子。因此,如果您现在没有太大的空间或时间,请考虑今年种植少量种子,并挂在其余的时间以后在路上。

Every serious gardener we know ends up having their own personal “seed library.” Also, consider sharing and swapping seeds with other gardeners in your area.

Polyculture plant systems (e.g. growing multiple varieties of plants together in symbiotic systems) are one of the most important things you can do to create a healthy, biodiverse garden.

  • Flowersattract crucial pollinators and beneficial insects that play a critical role in any garden system, from pollinating your fruits & veggies to controlling pest insect populations. Almost all the flower varieties we provide also have the added benefit of being edible to people too, making wonderful teas or additions to salad.
  • Herbsalso have multiple functions in a healthy, organic garden. They’re often effective pest-repellents, elegant landscape plants, and are key ingredients in lots of delicious foods.


It depends on your subscription.

  • 我们的小花园订阅offer 3 seed varieties each month, with each one ideally suited for growing in small spaces.
  • 我们的Large Garden Subscriptionsoffer 5 seed varieties each month, and some of the varieties will take more space to grow well. (Example a vining pumpkin or watermelon.)
We sure hope not. We’re confident that we have systems in place to make certain you’ll never get the same seeds twice in any 12-month period. If you do, please let us know and we’ll send you some new, different seeds (on us) along with an apology letter. We’d also encourage you to save seeds from your own plants for the future, so you’ll never need to buy any of the same varieties we send you ever again.

Service Questions

We try to send out your first monthly seed package within 7-10 business days after you first join. You’ll receive an email from GrowJourney with a USPS tracking code every time your monthly package ships, including the first one. That makes it easy for you to see where your package is and whether or not it’s been delivered.

如果已经超过两周以来,您已加入Growjourney并且您仍未收到第一个每月种子包,请从送货电子邮件中查看跟踪代码,contact usif something has gone wrong during shipping.

Monthly Subscribers- 如果您在月度会员的基础上加入Growjourney,您将在您加入Growjourney时立即为您的第一个月的种子进行收费。从那里,您将在您最初注册的每个月的同一天收费,并且您的种子将在此日期之后或不久发货。

Six-Month and Annual Subscribers– If you join GrowJourney on a 6-month or annual membership basis, you will be billed for your full membership when you sign up or at the end of your free trial month.

Free Trial Members– If you are a free trial member, you will be billed $3.99 for shipping and handling for your free month, then be billed one month after your free trial period. Depending on when your free trial expires, this might mean you don’t receive your second month of seeds until later in the second month.


  1. Bob gets astandard monthly membershipto GrowJourney on January 17th. His credit card is billed immediately and his first monthly seed package (for January) is shipped out within 7-10 days. On February 17th, John’s credit card is billed again and his February seed package is shipped within 3-5 business days.
  2. Margaret gets astandard 6 month membershipto GrowJourney on Feb 27th. Her credit card is billed immediately and her first monthly seed package (for March since she joined after the Feb cut-off date) is sent on the 5th of March. Her credit card is not charged again until March 27th (her second seed package would ship around April 5th).
  3. 6月16日,珍妮特报名参加free one month trialunder a 6 month membership plan. Her card is immediately billed $3.99 to cover our shipping and handling costs. On July 16th, her card is billed for her full 6 month membership and her July seeds are shipped immediately.

  1. Go to this link://
  2. 输入您注册到Growjourney的电子邮件。(如果您不记得,只需搜索您的电子邮件“Growjourney”,然后输入我们用来与您联系的任何电子邮件。
  3. An automated email will instantly be sent to your email address so you can determine your username or set up a new password of your choice.

Membership Questions

Large Gardensubscriptions are designed for gardens超过100平方英尺. Large Garden subscriptions offer:

  • 5 seed varieties each month
  • each seed variety is ideally suited to grow in small spaces

Small Gardensubscriptions are designed for gardens100 square feet of smaller. Small Garden subscriptions offer:

  • 3 seed varieties each month
  • some seed varieties will require more space to grow
This answer depends on you and your needs. No matter what membership option you choose, you’ll get the same number of new, interesting, high-quality seeds selected for you and delivered to your doorstep each month + access to our helpful guides & instructions.

The most important thing is to start growing and learning asap, regardless of which membership option you choose!

我们试图让我们的礼品订阅as simple as possible for both the gift giver and the recipient. We have gift subscriptions to match any budget and any garden size.

我们的小花园礼品订阅从29美元开始,非常适合100平方英尺的花园(接受者每月获得三种种子品种)。我们的Large Garden Subscriptionsstart at $44 and are best for gardens over 100 square feet. Both Large and Small subscriptions offer 3, 6, and 12 month options.

通过电子邮件提供礼品订阅– During checkout, you can elect to either: a) have the gift membership email with sign-up instructions sent toyour email,或b)有发送给的注册指示的礼品会员电子邮件recipient’s email. If you elect to have the email sent to the recipient, you’ll also be able to write a personalized gift note. Either way, the gift recipient will need to use the instructions and membership activation code from the confirmation email to activate their new GrowJourney account and start receiving their monthly seeds.

Giving a Gift Subscription Via a Gift Card?
有些人宁愿保密礼品会员,并以礼品卡的形式给予礼物。Click hereif you’d like to download and print a GrowJourney gift card.


Whenever you’re ready to get started, here’s how to register your gift subscription:

If You Received Your Gift ViaEmail:

  1. Find the original gift email (search your email for the term “GrowJourney” or “
  2. In that email, you should see a gift code and the dollar amount of your gift membership – you’ll need this information to register.
  3. Next, go to our礼品会员兑换页面.
  4. Select the membership level that matches your gift’s dollar amount and add it to your shopping cart.
  5. Enter your gift code at checkout so you don’t get charged.
  6. 完成结账后,您的Growjourney帐户将自动激活。根据您激活您的帐户时的时间,您的第一个种子包将在2-10天内发货,您将即时访问我们的在线发展资源。

If You Received Your Gift Via a印刷礼品卡:

  1. Find the printed GrowJourney Gift Card you were given as a present.(*If your gift card has been lost, you can either ask the person who gave you the gift to find their GrowJourney order confirmation email which contains your account activation information, or you cancontact usfor help).
  2. The card should contain a Gift Code and the Gift Membership level you were given (Small or Large Garden Subscription || 3, 6 or 12 month membership).
  3. Next, go to our礼品会员兑换页面.
  4. Select the membership level indicated in your gift card and add it to your shopping cart.
  5. Enter your gift code at checkout to reset your cart to $0.
  6. 完成结账后,您的Growjourney帐户将自动激活。根据您激活您的帐户时的时间,您的第一个种子包将在2-10天内发货,您将即时访问我们的在线发展资源。
暂停订阅means you won’t be charged and won’t receive seeds, but you can still access our online educational resources AND reactivate your account whenever you’d like to start getting seeds again.

Canceling your subscriptionis final. You will not be charged or receive seeds, and you will no longer have access to our online educational resources. Also, once you cancel, you can not reactivate your account. However, you can purchase a new subscription if you’d like to come back!


Oh, and please do us a favor: if you’re canceling your membership because you’re not satisfied with our service, pleasecontact us让我们知道我们可以做得更好,所以我们可以改进。

To cancel, simply log into您的帐户然后单击您希望取消或暂停的订阅旁边的“视图”链接。这将带您进入该特定订阅的设置,您可以轻松取消或暂停您的帐户。(见下文。)

Please note that, due to the way our order processing system operates, if you cancel within 7 days of your next shipment or renewal date, you will be charged for that month and receive a final monthly package.

You can pause and restart your GrowJourney membership whenever you’d like. Simply log into您的帐户然后单击您希望取消或暂停的订阅旁边的“视图”链接。This will take you to the settings for that particular subscription where you can easily cancel or pause your account. (See below)


*请注意:Your subscription must have a status of “active” in order to switch subscription plans.

步骤1:点击Subscriptions”tab (left) and click “View >” next to the active subscription.


*请注意:This will only affect future scheduled order payments, not payments due on a failed order. If you have a failed order and need to update your info, please follow the instructions for updating after your card has been declined.

Option 1:点击“付款方式标签”(left) and click “Make Default” or “Delete“ next to the credit card you want to change. Click the “Add Payment Method” link to add a new Credit Card. Changing the default credit card will change the card that your subscription is automatically billed to.

Option 1, Step 1:点击“Subscriptions” tab(left) and click “View >” next to the active subscription that you would like to update your payment info for.

Option 1, Step 2:在屏幕顶部,旁边的“操作”旁边,您将看到一些选项可以帮助您管理订阅。单击“更改付款”按钮。

步骤1:点击“订阅选项卡” (left) and click “view” next to the subscription on hold.



There are lots of ways to grow your own organic food. We prefer to use the methods that:

  • require the least amount of money and work in the long run,
  • yield the most food (for you and for all the good critters in your garden that do the hard work for you),
  • drastically and naturally improve the fertility of your soil while increasing the biodiversity in your garden ecosystem.

In our opinion, the methods (the “how to”) you choose to grow your own organic produce are less important than the broad philosophical approach (the “why”), which will ultimately guide your direction. The philosophy that’s been most helpful to us is渗透. At its core, permaculture is about observing and working with nature (biomimicry), rather than constantly fighting against it (conventional gardening/agriculture).

我们不使用任何人工合成的杀虫剂或除草剂s. We don’t use any synthetic fertilizers. Our soil gets healthier each year and we get more and more food each year with less work and less money required from us. It might sound too good to be true, but it’s not. We’re doing it, and so are lots of other people around the world (evenlarge farms就在美国)。最佳新闻:你也可以做到。和更多的人接受行动和关心我们分享的世界,我们的星球上的更好就会。

GrowJourney’s online educational resources are designed to help share knowledge from: 1) our team’s personal experiences (our team is full of expert organic gardeners, Master Gardeners, gardening teachers, and permaculture instructors), and 2) from top plant scientists and organic gardeners/farmers around the world. After you’ve grown with us for a couple of years and have a bunch of trial & error under your belt, you’re going to be the “expert gardener” that your friends & family turn to for gardening information and inspiration.

你在等什么?让我们get started now


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